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Irrigation Software

QXpress is the irrigation software of choice for QuickBooks users. QXpress specializes in integrating with your existing QuickBooks information. Each time you open QXpress, your entire QuickBooks customer list is synchronized. Since no re-entry of data is required, QXpress is the easiest scheduling software to setup and use.

QXpress addresses many of the headaches you have as a irrigation company. Currently, you manually track your schedule on paper, a simple spreadsheet, or a white board. In QXpress, you can dispatch spring startups, fall shut downs, and sprinkler repairs to a dispatch board showing many days and many crews.

Print irrigation work orders at the start of the day, and at the end of the day record which services were completed and what materials were used. You can even use mapping software to give you driving directions and an optimal route, or a PDA to record start and stop times!

Click one button and turn all completed irrigation work orders into QuickBooks invoices. The only time you'll spend is stuffing envelopes! No other irrigation software program integrates with QuickBooks as easily as QXpress.

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